packshoty produktowe


Photos of all products are taken against a white background, with proper lighting and special attention to detail. They are intended to present the product accurately. They are perfect for online stores.


Product photos are an inseparable element of every online store, TV commercials, flyers and magazines. They are made in order to present a given product and show its qualities.

An important element to pay attention to when taking pictures is the shine in case of photographing metallic objects such as pots or kitchen accessories. Again, accessories for the living room, mostly glass or ceramic, need to carefully emphasize the edges and highlight the patterns drawn on them.

As you can see, depending on the needs and the photographed objects, you need to pay attention to different aspects, which requires a lot of experience from the photographer and familiarity with different types of light.


The purpose of product photos is to present the item in the best possible way, to show it from the best possible side, and above all, without any scratches, creases, defects. Such advertising photos are also made on the principle of packshots, so that no additional element in the picture distracted the viewer, and also that there was no accidental confusion as to which product shown is the main object of sale.

Advertising photography is a very important field of photography that requires a lot of precision and commitment to the pictures.