fotografia zdjęcia butów biżuterii packshoty


Packshots of jewelry, handbags and other accessories require more expensive, sophisticated lighting. Depending on the type of accessories, they can be done as ghosts (e.g. hats) or flatshots (e.g. jewelry, scarves).

When it comes to accessories, there is no one recommended way to do product photography. Depending on the aesthetics of the company, you can use packshots, flatshots or arranged photography. There is a lot of freedom here, which is limited only by the target place, where a given product will be presented. On advertisements and banners, packshots, simple in their form, will work much better. They will be visible from a distance and thus perfectly encourage to purchase the given accessory. The same is true in the case of online stores, although there also flatshots are often chosen by sellers. This form of photography perfectly emphasizes airy fabrics and soft accessories such as scarves, hats, gloves, which require small folds, especially when they have additional elements such as tassels or pompoms. Arranged photographs are often chosen by influencers for social media purposes, where so-called flatlays create a coherent and aesthetic composition. Such puzzles, if they fall into the taste of observers, encourage to buy the advertised accessories. As in the case of clothing, everyday items, cosmetics, or styling accessories have their own packaging, are made of appropriate materials, which can be properly presented using packshots. It is important to show the texture and size of the product, as well as the color scheme, which is often the deciding factor when choosing a particular model.